How to Choose Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

Dry skin is easy to peel off, making the makeup layer not smooth. If you do not know how to choose makeup, you will be likely to become “catastrophic” with clusters of chalk sticking to the skin. Here are some foundation creams for dry skin you should know!

First, what is dry skin?

Dry skin is dehydrated cells, making the skin surface always tight and flaky. The easiest way to confirm dry skin is to apply a blotting paper over the face and the T-zone. If the blotting paper is still clean, you have dry skin.

How to Choose Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

There are many reasons for dry skin:

  • Atopic dry skin
  • Dry working environment
  • The weather is dry
  • Drink some water
  • Less exfoliating skin

Dry skin often has the advantage of small pores, so it is less likely to get acne. However, the downside is that dry skin is more prone to aging and flaky skin if not moisturized every day. And another weakness is that it is very difficult to absorb makeup, especially foundation. Therefore, many types of foundation are produced specifically for this “drought” skin, e.g. best lightweight foundation for dry skin. So, how to choose the right foundation for your dry skin?

How to Choose Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

How to choose a foundation for dry skin

Step 1: Choose a foundation for dry skin

Liquid foundation or cream foundation (Cream, liquid foundation) will be suitable for dry skin. It is best to choose a foundation that is capable of:

  • Replenishes good moisture
  • Stimulates moisture balance for skin
  • Prevent the evaporation of water on the skin surface
  • Specialized cosmetics only for dry skin
  • Contains satin leather effect (A clear foundation without luster)

These factors are clearly stated on the product packaging, and please choose a foundation based on the above criteria offline!

Step 2: Choose a foundation for dry skin according to makeup style

After determining the line of cosmetics that suits your skin, it is time to choose a cosmetic that suits your style.

If you are a girl who likes simple and natural makeup: The liquid foundation will work for you. Because the liquid foundation has good moisture and is thin too.

If you love perfection: The Cream foundation should be a great choice with a smooth and even texture. The cream-based foundation also easily covers skin imperfections.

Step 3: Choose a foundation for dry skin according to skin tone

The next step in the process of choosing a foundation for dry skin is to determine the skin tone.

The easiest way to choose a foundation that is right for your skin is to use a foundation that’s closer to or lighter 1-2 tones than your neck.

Always compare skin color and foundation under natural light conditions. Ask a consultant to determine if your skin is hot or cold. From there, you will get away to identify groups of foundations that are suitable for your skin.

How to Choose Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

Important note when choosing a foundation for dry skin

Check the ingredients

You have to look at the ingredients sheet to see if moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane, and ceramide – these are all important ingredients for moisturizing, are required in foundation creams for dry skin.

Surfactants, allergens, and preservatives are the most damaging ingredients for dry skin that you need to limit your use of, or preferably, don’t use.

Prioritize washable foundation creams

Not just a foundation for dry skin but for all skin types, choose products that can be easily washed off with water, cleanser, or face wash. Because dry skin is easily affected by cosmetics, we need to wash the face right away, and it will be bad if the makeup is difficult to wash away.

If you use a dry foundation that is difficult to wash off, then I think the best way is to re-use another one.

Choose a brand of the foundation for dry skin

The brand, in other words, is your trust in a product, so prioritize the brand name introduced by reputable people. Although you have chosen a foundation for dry skin, you should keep the following in mind:

Use setting spray after makeup: Always remember that your skin is dry! Therefore, the mineral spray is a savior for the skin. Spray often every 2 hours!

Use additional moisturizers: The foundation may already have moisture, but an extra layer will make your skin plumper.

Use a special brush or cotton makeup: For cream foundation, the best way is to use specialized makeup cotton. It helps the foundation evenly spread over the face and make the face look smoother.

Stay away from foundation: Absolutely avoid foundation products because they only make your skin look worse!

Drink enough water: Drinking water is a way of supplying moisture from the inside to the body. Be sure to get 2 liters daily.

Always exfoliate skin before applying makeup: The horny layer on your skin is also one of the reasons for dry skin. Regular exfoliating to ensure health for your skin!

Hopefully, with the above information, we have given you an overview of how to choose the simplest foundation for dry skin. I hope you quickly find the most suitable and respectful foundation!