Bienvenue ! I’m Elsa Alexandra


Would you like to know how French women manage to stay slim, stylish and seductive as they juggle career and family life?

I’ll let you in a little secret…

They feel bien dans leur peau. This literally means that they feel ‘good in their own skin’.

They have a healthy sense of self and they are not afraid to express it. They are confident and comfortable in who they are. And that is very attractive – both in business and life.

Feeling bien dans sa peau is essential to embody your unique personal brand and to live a balanced, fulfilling life that inspires your ideal clients to want to work with you.

I believe in a world where modern women no longer sacrifice their well being and family lives for their careers.

And I believe that connecting with your inner Frenchie and Feminine Charm is the fastest way to experience a more pleasurable and productive life!

Formerly a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs and Royal Dutch Shell, I left my corporate salary and benefits behind after becoming a mum, and I started an international coaching business from scratch, in between diaper changes!

Today, I specialise in helping businesswomen master their personal effectiveness so that they can achieve their professional goals without self-sacrifice.

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