How to Choose Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

Dry skin is easy to peel off, making the makeup layer not smooth. If you do not know how to choose makeup, you will be likely to become “catastrophic” with clusters of chalk sticking to the skin. Here are some foundation creams for dry skin you should know!

First, what is dry skin?

Dry skin is dehydrated cells, making the skin surface always tight and flaky. The easiest way to confirm dry skin is to apply a blotting paper over the face and the T-zone. If the blotting paper is still clean, you have dry skin.

How to Choose Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

There are many reasons for dry skin:

  • Atopic dry skin
  • Dry working environment
  • The weather is dry
  • Drink some water
  • Less exfoliating skin

Dry skin often has the advantage of small pores, so it is less likely to get acne. However, the downside is that dry skin is more prone to aging and flaky skin if not moisturized every day. And another weakness is that it is very difficult to absorb makeup, especially foundation. Therefore, many types of foundation are produced specifically for this “drought” skin, e.g. best lightweight foundation for dry skin. So, how to choose the right foundation for your dry skin?

How to Choose Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

How to choose a foundation for dry skin

Step 1: Choose a foundation for dry skin

Liquid foundation or cream foundation (Cream, liquid foundation) will be suitable for dry skin. It is best to choose a foundation that is capable of:

  • Replenishes good moisture
  • Stimulates moisture balance for skin
  • Prevent the evaporation of water on the skin surface
  • Specialized cosmetics only for dry skin
  • Contains satin leather effect (A clear foundation without luster)

These factors are clearly stated on the product packaging, and please choose a foundation based on the above criteria offline!

Step 2: Choose a foundation for dry skin according to makeup style

After determining the line of cosmetics that suits your skin, it is time to choose a cosmetic that suits your style.

If you are a girl who likes simple and natural makeup: The liquid foundation will work for you. Because the liquid foundation has good moisture and is thin too.

If you love perfection: The Cream foundation should be a great choice with a smooth and even texture. The cream-based foundation also easily covers skin imperfections.

Step 3: Choose a foundation for dry skin according to skin tone

The next step in the process of choosing a foundation for dry skin is to determine the skin tone.

The easiest way to choose a foundation that is right for your skin is to use a foundation that’s closer to or lighter 1-2 tones than your neck.

Always compare skin color and foundation under natural light conditions. Ask a consultant to determine if your skin is hot or cold. From there, you will get away to identify groups of foundations that are suitable for your skin.

How to Choose Best Foundation for Dry Skin?

Important note when choosing a foundation for dry skin

Check the ingredients

You have to look at the ingredients sheet to see if moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane, and ceramide – these are all important ingredients for moisturizing, are required in foundation creams for dry skin.

Surfactants, allergens, and preservatives are the most damaging ingredients for dry skin that you need to limit your use of, or preferably, don’t use.

Prioritize washable foundation creams

Not just a foundation for dry skin but for all skin types, choose products that can be easily washed off with water, cleanser, or face wash. Because dry skin is easily affected by cosmetics, we need to wash the face right away, and it will be bad if the makeup is difficult to wash away.

If you use a dry foundation that is difficult to wash off, then I think the best way is to re-use another one.

Choose a brand of the foundation for dry skin

The brand, in other words, is your trust in a product, so prioritize the brand name introduced by reputable people. Although you have chosen a foundation for dry skin, you should keep the following in mind:

Use setting spray after makeup: Always remember that your skin is dry! Therefore, the mineral spray is a savior for the skin. Spray often every 2 hours!

Use additional moisturizers: The foundation may already have moisture, but an extra layer will make your skin plumper.

Use a special brush or cotton makeup: For cream foundation, the best way is to use specialized makeup cotton. It helps the foundation evenly spread over the face and make the face look smoother.

Stay away from foundation: Absolutely avoid foundation products because they only make your skin look worse!

Drink enough water: Drinking water is a way of supplying moisture from the inside to the body. Be sure to get 2 liters daily.

Always exfoliate skin before applying makeup: The horny layer on your skin is also one of the reasons for dry skin. Regular exfoliating to ensure health for your skin!

Hopefully, with the above information, we have given you an overview of how to choose the simplest foundation for dry skin. I hope you quickly find the most suitable and respectful foundation!

What Are the Benefits of Shaving Head?

With the shaving head, you can make a statement in the world of fashion or you can be an inspiration to people around you if you say that you have donated your hair to the cancer survivors. But except the appreciation, there are other benefits of shaved hair also to enjoy:

No hair loss problems

It is important to keep in mind that when you get your bald head, it does not actually solve the hair loss problem or gives you a speedy growth to your hair but instead it removes the hair which is damaged and gives your scalp a better cleaning. When you get your scalp cleaned from all the dust and dirt that may have stick to the hair on your head, a condition is formed of getting hair growth which is healthy.

For men, it is a topic of worry when they get a hair loss, as it loses their confidence which may lead to the depression also which starts when you get into your late 20s. You can prevent hair loss by treating it with the shampoo as prescribed by the shampoo and also the essential oils. If you have got your shaved head then you can use your actual age when you use the best shaving cream for bald head to make your scalp healthy and protected.

What Are the Benefits of Shaving Head

Gives you a young look

It is quite wondrous that you look younger than your actual age when you what have a clean shaved head. The bald head look will enhance your appearance and will help you in making a bald look in the world of fashion. The reason behind that is you have hair is very thin in density and the baldness also decreases the hairline and there will be no grey hair also to be visible to you or any other so that you look young.

No visit to the salon

Since you will not be having any hair on your head, there will be no need to go to any salon and this will save both of your time and money. After having the first shave, it becomes easy for you to shave your head again on your own and all you need a front mirror so that you get to see through all the angles and give a clean shave to your head and it will also prevent you from getting the cut or any injury. Also, not going to any salon will not make you worry about paying the barber an expensive fee for what you can do it on your own.

No more hair care products

After getting a bald head, you will no more need the various cosmetic products such as comb or hairdryer and all other styling products. But you need to take care of the scalp to keep the dryness away from occurring and you can use the shampoo and conditioner to wash your head which is necessary to do on a regular basis. As some man forgets to apply the moisturizer, they must add it in their daily routine and it is an easy way also to do it.

The best way of adding moisturizer is that you can apply the best shaving cream for bald head and this will help you in preventing the dryness and various other problems caused by the dryness itself. The small hair still growing over your head needs special treatment and thus you need to wash your hair with both the shampoo and conditioner in place of the soap as it will make your scalp dry. After washing your head and applying the cream, you must also apply sunscreen when you are stepping out of your house so that you can prevent your head from getting burnt or you can also wear cap.

What Are the Benefits of Shaving Head

Makes you look muscular

Having a bald head is not an embarrassment but it helps you in increasing your manliness and improves your personality as well. It makes you look muscular and also makes the people around you think that you are powerful. You can take an example of various industrial people and famous stars, they are bald which makes them give a bold statement in the media and thus have a strong personality. Having masculinity helps you in gaining extra respect and people will take you seriously and will also listen to you in an affirmative manner.

No more dandruff

If you are tired of using various shampoo or cream to prevent dandruff, then the best and cheapest solution is getting the shaved head which is like a permanent solution. Dandruff usually forms due to the dust particle that gets stick to your hair over the head, and along with the grime, they can also result in the fall of hair. When you have got your head completely shaved then these pollutants get cleaned form your scalp. The growth of the new hair will be thick in density and also be healthy.  After using the sharp blade on your head, all those tiny flaky in white color will not get stick to your scalp. Shaving your head will also chafe away the dead cells over your skin and also the thin layer over your scalp and this will result in the better growth of your hair.


Since you may look young and the bald head will also enhance your true beauty, you will get fewer problems and will also be able to save both your time and effort and money also. Moreover, you can also apply the best shaving cream for bald head to get hydrated and keeps the dryness at bay so that you would not be having any flaky, scale or dandruff over your scalp. We highly hope that with this article you will be able to know about the benefits of having a shaved head and you will definitely enjoy those advantages as well.

Can a Pregnant Woman Take a Bubble Bath

Improving the overall health and comfort level is one of the most challenging tasks faced by every woman during their pregnancy period. There are different brands of body wash products available on the market. If you are pregnant and thinking about how to find the best suitable body wash, then you can read honest reviews of top brands of body wash products one after another. You will get enough assistance and double-check real benefits of using the best body wash for pregnancy on a regular basis. Attention-grabbing ads about cheap and best products in the body wash category nowadays encourage almost everyone and increase the curiosity of these people to directly choose and buy one of these products.

Can a Pregnant Woman Take a Bubble Bath

Take note of pregnancy safe body wash products

Beginners and experts in the pregnancy safe bubble bath products in our time consider loads of important things with an objective to successfully find and buy the right product on online. They can contact the official website of the shop specialized in and recommended for the first-class yet reasonable prices of bubble bath products. They get the absolute guidance and make positive changes in their approach to buy and use one of the most outstanding bubble bath products. Pregnancy safe skin care products in particular body washes for sale on online in recent times increase the overall eagerness of pregnant women throughout the world to directly choose and buy any of these products as per their expectations about the enhanced and safe bath.

A bath is safe for pregnant women as long as the water is not so hot. Pregnant women must understand that their fetus cannot regulate the body temperature in the womb and easily gets the temperature raised in their mother’s bath in hot water. They have to put their hand or feet in the bath tub at first and check whether the water is in the reasonable hot level and safe for their growing baby. If they experience back pain and other problems during the pregnancy they have to follow suggestions from their doctor and make a good decision to use the pregnancy safe products. They can clarify their doubts about such products when they contact and consult with specialists in this sector.

Choose and buy the best bubble bath products

It is the right time to know about the bubble bath during the pregnancy and enhance your way to take care of your physique and mind throughout the pregnancy. There are loads of questions regarding the bubble bath and pregnancy at this time. You can spend enough time and research the role of the bubble bath in the pregnancy period. Pregnant women can take as many damn baths without or with bubbles as per their heart desires. They can soak their tired and bloated bodies in the relaxing and nice bath at any time they like. On the other hand, they have to consider some important things in detail. For example, they can prefer and use the safe and best bubble bath for pregnancy recommended by specialists as well as satisfied users worldwide.

Pregnant women have to be conscious about the temperature of the water they prefer to bath every time. They have to double-check that water must not be above their own body temperature. This is because hotter than usual temperature of hot water for bath increases the body temperature and leads to various problems like dizziness, weakness, a drop in blood pressure, birth defect and other things. Pregnant women are advised to keep the water for bath reasonably warm and soak to around for ten minutes. They have to keep away from the saunas, hot tubs and steam baths because raising body temperature is potentially harmful. They can prefer and use hot shower. However, they have to keep it short.

Compare and narrow down body wash products

Specialists in the best body wash for pregnancy nowadays reveal the complete details about pregnancy safe products in particular bubble bath and body wash. They have an objective to improve their proficiency in top brands of products in this category and guide beginners to make a good decision for the body wash shopping. Regular updates of body wash products of popular brands give eagerness for pregnant women to directly choose and buy one of these products. You can spend enough time and research body wash products recommended for their overall benefits. Reasonable prices of high-quality products in the pregnancy safe body wash genre give confidence and happiness for pregnant women to directly choose and order the suitable product.

Bath oil or any other product to the water used for bath can turn the warm water into the wonderful aromatherapy session. However, pregnant women have to be very careful while using such products which make the tub’s surface slick. They cannot see their feet anymore and their center of gravity if way off. They are a fall hazard. Futher, they have to be very careful with the bath salts as Dead Sea salts have the maximum mineral content which heats the water.  They do not have to worry that water get into their vagina and reach the baby. This is because the growing baby is entirely protected within the amniotic sac. The bath water cannot get in this region and pregnant women would not harm the baby with the bath oil and other bath products.

Fulfil expectations about the bubble bath shopping

A bath is perfectly safe in pregnancy when pregnant women keep their bathwater warm and not hot and make certain that their water is not broken. Attractive things about the best bubble bath for pregnancy nowadays play the main role behind the ever-increasing curiosity of pregnant women to prefer and buy the suitable bubble bath. They must be careful about the temperature of the water and body wash product they use. Pregnant women can take a bath every day until they give birth. They can prefer and set the same time to bath each day. They can keep their body fresh and feel a lot less hot when they bath every day during pregnancy because the raised body temperature in pregnancy.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs After Waxing?

The ingrown hairs are literally found to be a painful one. Generally, these ingrown hairs appear when the dead skin cells and some other kinds of impurities clog the pores and it blocks the hair from growing up. This leads to the problem that these ingrown hair tends to curl back through the skin and it grows under where this definitely creates pain, therefore you need to find the best body scrub for ingrown hairs in order to be free from suffering with pain.

In order to understand about the body scrub easily first you should know about the concept of the face scrub, in which just put simply, the face scrub will help in exposing the newest skin cells on your face by removing the dead skin cells. This face scrub using helps you in fixing the effects of aging so that your skin will be looking younger, smooth and shiny. The body scrub is also referred to as a moisturizer and exfoliator where it contains the coarse materials like salt and sugar that will perform thee exfoliation work on your face skin part. Accompanying these coarse materials is essential oil that will help you in boosting the overall experience of using the face scrub. So try to use the best body scrub for ingrown hairs where this will be removing the unwanted hairs from your body.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs After Waxing?

What causes ingrown hairs after waxing?

What causes the ingrown hair is not a mystery thing in which there are several causes of ingrown hairs that occur after waxing are listed below. They are:

  • Too much of oil in your hair follicles can definitely cause the ingrown hairs even after waxing, so make sure that you clean your face and other areas often in order to remove the excess oil.
  • Lack of skin moisture can also cause the development of ingrown hairs so just try to drink plenty of water to improve your skin moisture that too you need to drink more water after doing waxing.
  • Sometimes using the tweezing, wax, electrolysis can also cause the skin irritation so during the healing process the hairs may get caught in the healing skin.
  • A build of the dead skin cells can cause the ingrown hairs so you can remove the dead skin by using a wash cloth during the bath or shower.
  • People who have the thick or stiff hair then it may prone to ingrown hairs, in which men should shave their face everyday especially if they are facing the ingrown hairs issue.
  • If you shave make sure that the blades are not too sharp because when you take too much skin off then there is a good chance for developing the ingrown hairs.

Is it ok to wax with ingrown hairs

If you are using the sugaring, waxing or shaving method regularly to get rid of the unwanted hair, ten you may be experiencing some irritation, redness and even painful ingrown hairs where these ingrown hairs are actually quite common one that appears after shaving but can be avoided easily. You also get the ingrown hairs from sugaring and waxing, but the chances of redness, skin irritation and ingrown hairs are significantly lowers compared to shaving.

You can also get into the habit of exfoliating the skin just by using the body scrub for ingrown hairs or exfoliating brush for 24 hours before starting the hair removal session. This can reduce the chances of ingrown hairs in your body by removing the dead skin cells that can get the trapped beneath the skin during and after the removal session. If you tend to have the ingrown hairs even after shaving or waxing then make sure to use the good moisturizer or lotion on all the treated areas of your body to keep your skin soft and healthy.

How long does an ingrown hair last?

An ingrown hair is a hair that has grown into the skin rather than out as it would naturally occurs even after waxing or shaving. It grows into the skin, especially the ingrown hairs are usual in the curly haired persons and mens who have the beards. Ingrown hairs surface within a days after a close shave or other types of the hair removal process in which they start as a small bumps on the skin resembling as like the pimples and may have the white or red head. The hair that is trapped within the bums usually visible up to be close so when you look carefully then you can see that there may be one or several bump around your skin that may be of red and irritated.

How do I stop ingrown hairs?

The hair grown around your vulva is mainly vulnerable and it tends to be curly and coarse where this makes it curl into your skin when its growing back even after you remove the hair completely. The best way to prevent these ingrown hairs is not remove your public hair but if that is not your thing then you can still take certain actions to help lower the odds you will end up with an ingrown situation. The following are some of the few tips which you can use to prevent ingrown hairs. They are:

  • Always use some kind of the lubrication before you start shaving
  • Shave in the direction how your hair is growing
  • Try out the serum that is meant to prevent the ingrown hairs
  • Try removing your hair with cream
  • Consider the laser removal if you are struggle with the ingrown hairs

If you are facing any painful ingrown hairs in your vulva, then taking the essential actions is necessary to calm down the irritation and inflammation present in your skin area.


If you are suffering from the ingrown hairs problem then it is best to take some kind of home treatments or else you can consult the dermatologist to get rid of it. In which when you are using body scrub for ingrown hairs regularly then you can reduce or get rid of this problem very soon.

Guide for Choosing a Good Water Dispenser

You want a water dispenser to be good so you look for one that purifies your water. Makes the sewer water taste a little better. Convinces you that your health is going up and your getting a pretty good drink today. That’s how I would go about looking for a good water dispenser too. There are so many on the market though. You could use a little help in making sure the water dispenser is just the one you want to have. I want to help you find the right type of water dispenser and let you know what water dispenser last. They speak a lot of mumbo jumbo online. Let me break down the lingo and help you reach the water dispenser you want in your house or office. Sit back and read what is written below.


Some Water Dispensers Purify Water

Every water dispenser you buy should purify the water that goes into it. You will see a lot of water dispensers online and off. Make sure they are capable of purifying water. People, companies, and the brand all claim they do this. But, in reality, you need to test the water you put in the container. Make sure that it is working week to week. If you found anything wrong with the water, tell the people you brought it from immediately. Some water dispensers come with a warranty. Make sure you test it out within the time of the warranty. It can be a little boring to do this. But, you don’t want to buy a water dispenser that just holds water. You want one that cleans the water and gets rid of all bad bacteria that can cause you health problems. Your water might need some serious cleaning if you live in place where the water is very bad.

 Water Dispensers Can Change Water Temperature

A good water dispenser should be able to change the temperature of your water at any time. The best water dispenser cooler also. If you want hot water for the winter, it better turn the boil on and get the water bubbles on. You need to realize that your time is valuable and people who try to take money from you is going to catch it. Sadly, some water dispensers claim they offer hot and cold changing water features to lie. There is not 100% chance it is a lie. But, if you find out that the water dispenser you bought does not change water temperature weeks later, consider asking the people you bought it from for a refund. Water dispensers should be able to do what you paid for them to do.

 Tough Water Dispenses Depend on Outside Material

Outside material must be tough in order for it to be good and last long. Expensive water dispensers are made with stainless steel containers and outside compartments. Steel last a long time and does not change the taste of water. The plastic ones on the other hand happen to effect the taste of water after many weeks of use. They are cheaper but your getting less purified water. It looks purified in a plastic container on the outside, but if you look closer with magnifying glass, that is when you see bits of plastic chipped off circling with the water. Taste buds sipping on water that is not its normal taste should tell you something is wrong. The best water dispenser cooler must have stainless steel.

Are Skin Cleansers a Problem for Dry Skin?

Skin cleansers are not a problem unless your really sensitive to it. There are people who have really bad acne issues. If you are one of those people, then skin cleansers might not be the right beauty kit for you. The only way to know for sure is to test out skin cleansers on your face. Find out if it is irritating your face or causing you more body harm. To be safe, skin cleansers are generally designed to help people get rid of dirty chemicals that are glued to the face. If you need more info on skin cleansers look below.

Use the Right Skin Cleaner

Are Skin Cleansers a Problem for Dry Skin?

The right skin cleaner needs the right skin type. Walk into a store and ask the clerk questions about the skin cleaner you need. Don’t just ask for the best Korean face wash for dry skin product. Ask for a product that is specific to your skin type. Make sure you know your skin type ahead of time. It matters a lot. Some people have oily skin that is very sensitive. Some have oily skin that is not. It sounds like a easy thing to know but its not. Try asking your doctor or your parents for the information. Somebody knows your skin type. Learn that and then head to the store to get a skin cleaner product that fits your skin type.

Finding the Right Skin Cleaner Will Involve Testing By Hand

Don’t be afraid to test out a wide range of skin cleaning products. The best Korean face wash for dry skin might not be the best for dry skin if you know what I mean. The only true way to know your perfect skin cleanser for face and whatever else you need it for is to try stuff out. People might warn you not to try this product first, but you got to know what works and don’t work for your physical body. Use a little, in the beginning stages when you test out the skin clean product. A little bit of pain is not something that cause you to got o the hospital later.

Once you find the right skin cleaner, you will be able to use something that will make you look younger. Looking young is a good thing. People treat you better and people expect less from you. These two things are good when you just want people to think your just a young person who does not know any better. In general, people will bother you less. Kids are always treated better then adults you know. Do it to get a different treatment from the world if you don’;t have a reason to use a face cleaner.

Skin Cleaners Lower Interfacial Tension

Most cleansing formula, are responsible for cleaning the face and making sure your inside skin parts are healthy. They are structured to help you look younger and feel more healthy. As you go through life, you tag on a lot of dirt. The dirt can not always be washed completely. You might need something that burns deep in the skin to clean the dirt that just stayed there. Regular soap can not get it done. You got to get the skin cleaner and wash it on your face. Let ti clean the inside and outside.

Start Off With the Right Tattoo Treatment

Stat your tattoo off the right way when you first get one. You just left the tattoo shop and you got fully sterilized. Your tattoo artist gave you some tips to heal the tattoo on your own. You tell him or her thank you and head home for the couch. At this moment, you think you don’t need to know anything else. But, you are wrong. Everything the tattoo artist just told you has now been deleted from your mind. You only remember to use the best soap for tattoos to wash tattoo. You think you will remember the rest the next day but you won’t. That is where we come in to remind you about the tattoo treatments. Your new tattoo will need some new treatment in the next few weeks. You might want to hold on to what we have to say. View the tattoo treatment tips we created below to help people like you not stress over little things like new tattoo treatment.

Start Off With the Right Tattoo Treatment

Never Re-Bandage the Tattoo For the First Couple Hours

The tattoo on your skin is wrapped up for a reason. It is very cut up and wounded when you leave the shop. The bandage needs to be on your skin for the next 2-3 hours. Do not take it off before then. Do not put on another bandage for the tattoo either. Once you take the bandage off, you don’t put it back on. Some tattoo artists claim its safest to leave the bandage on for one whole day. They say it helps it with the bleeding. A newbie should follow these instructions. Moving on, the bandage should come off easily, when you feel no pain in the bandage. But, if you find the gauze in the bandage to stick to the tattoo, then you need to add cold water to it and remove bandage slowly. Take it easy and don’t rush.

Leaving the bandage on your tattoo for a couple of hours is not going to kill you. Relax and wait the couple hours. You do not want the tattoo to get infected or mess up the ink. That’s too much risk involved, so wait to remove the bandage.

The Next Day Wash With Soap and Warm Water

After the bandage comes off, you need to wash the tattoo with water and anti-bacterial soap. Try using the best soap for tattoos you can afford to buy. You can use the cheap soap, but you will get less in quality and performance. Soap has the ability to speed up the healing process all tattoos on the body. Make sure to wash your body with soap every day. The tattoo will be remove the surface blood, clean, and hydrate the tattoo area. You need to do this to make the time needed to heal your tattoo cut in half. Healing your tattoo faster is beneficial right? Wash your tattoo with soap and water each day.

In case you are unaware, stay out of the sunlight to prevent tattoo from fading in color. You just got the thing and you want it be the freshest it can be. Cover the tattoo up if you have to go outside. Make sure the whole tattoo is covered. A little spot exposed, can affect the look of the rest of the tattoo. It can also cause burning of the skin. Avoid the sunlight at all costs for about 6 weeks and you should be good to go.

Now discover your strengths (and what to do with them)

Have you ever experienced looking for an answer and having just the right book or person cross your path? I’ve had this happen so many times in my life that I no longer believe in coincidences

Lately, I was reflecting on what motivates me. Every expert and coach (myself included) will tell you that, in order to achieve any goal, you need to be clear on what fuels you.

There are many different ways to find your fuel. You can journal and envision what you desire for your life and career. You can take inventory of your values. You can think about your hobbies and how you would spend your days if money were no object.

I did it all, but somehow these techniques were falling flat with me. And then I realized that when we are in the flow, we feel incredibly focused and motivated to achieve a certain result.

What does being in the flow mean?

According to positive psychologist  Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, flow describes the mental state of  “being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.”

So the question becomes, how can you achieve this flow?

I believe that we get this sense of being in the zone when we are tackling a challenge and feel competent enough to succeed.

Flow is found at the intersection between our core strengths and our will to overcome some obstacle or reach an inspiring goal.

Enters in the equation a book by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton called Now, Discover Your Strengths.

I first heard about this book through one of my mentors, Marie Forleo. Then, I saw a friend of mine – who’s an HR person at Shell – carry it around as part of some work that he was doing.

I took this double cue and got a copy of my own. I just finished reading it and was not disappointed.

Buckingham and Clifton contend that we should all discover and build on our strengths. That is the secret to unleashing our brilliance.

Most people and organizations spend a ton of time and effort trying to overcome their weaknesses. That is a waste of energy and money, the authors say.

We can certainly learn different skills and increase our competences in areas in which we’re not naturally endowed. But becoming outstanding at something takes more: it requires talent. And talent is innate.

Each of us has a unique set of thought patterns. It has to do with the way our brains are wired. If you want to get spiritual about it: it’s related to your higher purpose.

Your true talents don’t change much over a lifetime. The best you can do for yourself, your loved ones you and the world is figure-out where your genius lies and leverage it! This will inform your career choices, and help you create a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Here is a 3-step plan to get you started.

Step 1: Discover Your Strengths

Pick-up your own copy of Now, Discover Your Strengths. Each book comes with a unique code on the back cover. You can use that code to access the StrengthsFinder® test online.

The test takes only about 20 minutes to complete and, by the end of it, you will know what your five top signature themes (a.k.a. strengths) are. This will give you great insight on what motivates you and what types of roles are a good fit for you.

For example, my top themes are: Competition, Achiever, Futuristic, Strategic and Activator. This means that I thrive in competitive environments, am strong on big picture view, and always have a vision for the future. Arguably, I could make an equally good investment banker, strategist, consultant, or coach.

What the StrengthsFinder® test won’t tell you is what your exact vocation is and which industry you should be working in. That’s why I recommend taking step 2.

Step 2: Identify Your Interests

Notice what you’re interested in and passionate about. What do you always read about? What are your hobbies? What fields excite you most?

Beauty, Fitness, Luxury, Love and Personal Development are things that make me tick. What are five industries or topics that make you sparkle?

Compare them to your strengths, and you’ll start drawing the portrait of the exact roles that you would most enjoy and be awesome at.

Step 3: Evaluate Your Values

Know what’s most important to you. This will define your desired lifestyle.

If you’re not yet clear on your life prioritiesread this article that I wrote about the real reason why successful women quit great jobs.

Once you know your priorities, cross-check them with the career options you identified in steps 1 and 2.

In my case, Love, Family, Health and Career are among my top values. This means, that while I could make a great management consultant, the hectic schedule with weekly travels is not a good fit for me. Coaching, on the other hand, is a better match for my interests and strengths, especially if I can infuse the fun elements of beauty, fitness, luxury and romance in my brand.

What French women know about being irresistibly charming

French women seem to enjoy a global reputation of being stylish, gracious and seductive. And that is not unwarranted.

A few years ago, I met-up with a French friend of mine for tea in Kensington. A couple of gentlemen were sitting at the table next to ours and struck up a conversation. They heard us speak in French and were curious about where we were from and what we were doing in London.

I couldn’t help notice the calm confidence exuded by my friend. She answered their questions kindly while remaining elegantly reserved. Her manners were both charming and mysterious in a natural, unaffected way.

Very feminine and refined!

So what is the secret of French women’s irresistible charm?

Having attended a French school since kindergarten and later lived in France, I became acquainted with the concept of being bien dans sa peau  from an early age. This literally means ‘feeling good in your own skin’.

I believe that this is the number one factor that makes French women so alluring. They feel comfortable in who they are, and they fearlessly express their uniqueness through their opinions and personal style.

They truly are their own brand. And this serves them well both in business and in life.

If you did not have a French upbringing, can you still cultivate this power of feeling bien dans sa peau?

Mais bien sûr! Here are three simple practices to get you started.

1) Express yourself

The first step is to understand who you really are.

What are your values, likes and dislikes? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you most desire to achieve in your life and career? Don’t be afraid to share these with others en passant.

Read extensively about different topics and form your own opinions. Then, practice expressing them in appropriate social settings.

You’ll become a far more interesting woman. And don’t be surprised if people start calling you an expert conversationalist!

2) Cultivate your style

Whether you like it or not, first impressions count. The way we present ourselves makes a statement about who we are.

As women, we tend to be judged even more than men based on our appearance. So it is worth curating how you show-up in the world.

Now that you are clear on who you are and what you stand for, think about the image that you want to convey and choose your look accordingly. Is classic Chanel your vibe or do you prefer a more playful & practical DVF style?

Be consistent.

3) Exercise gently

Draping yourself with beautiful clothes that express your personality is all fine. But what is even more important is to take care of what’s underneath, a.k.a. your body & mind.

Exercise is a fabulous way to boost your mood and self-esteem while giving you a nice booty. Not only will you get a great body that will help you feel good in your own skin, you will also produce uplifting hormones called ‘endorphins’ at the same time.

In general, French women don’t care too much about spending hours in a gym. They prefer to walk everywhere, and that helps them keep fit.

Follow their example and include a gentle form of exercise in your everyday life. I’d suggest adding yoga and Pilates to your repertoire if you would like to tone-up.

The 4 pillars of a balanced, beautiful life

I had called him on his mobile a couple of days before and announced my intention to resign.

As we stepped into the glass walled team room, I glanced at my colleagues on the other side – busy updating spreadsheets, listening to conf calls and talking with investors on the phone. This was my day-to-day as an equity research analyst in London.

While my career in investment banking looked pretty glamorous (and it was!), my personal life as a single woman in the City felt far from healthy and fulfilling. My desire was to have a family of my own. I wasn’t getting any younger, and I wasn’t seeing that happening any time soon unless I made some major shifts.

Mr. D. and I discussed again my reasons for quitting, and I think I’ll remember his words for a long time:

“I should probably not be telling you this as your manager. But if you were my daughter, I would say it’s the right thing for you to resign. You’re not happy and, at the end of the day, that’s what matters most.”

Within a month, I shipped most of my belongings to be stored in my parent’s basement in Portugal, and moved to France for the second time in my life with just two suitcases.

I needed to get my personal act together, and resuming my studies sounded like a good option to buy myself some time. Doing a PhD was on the table, so when my former boss at the EMBL in Grenoble offered me a temporary position in his team, I jumped at the opportunity to test whether I really wanted to go back to Science or not.

In the end, I decided not to do the PhD. But the time that I spent in France, and later in Portugal with my parents, felt like a doctorate in personal growth.

During that period, I read lot, reflected a lot, and eventually trained as a Life Coach.

From studying my own path, that of my fellow friends and clients, I have come to believe that true, sustainable happiness stems from enjoying a balanced life and feeling bien dans sa peau (comfortable in your own skin).

For this, you much have four strong pillars in place:

  • Good health & fitness
  • Supportive relationships
  • Stable & fulfilling work
  • Time & space for yourself

When one or more of these pillars is wobbly, the whole foundation starts shaking. And that’s what was happening to me when working in banking. This was not by fault of my firm or the industry, but because I did not have all the self-mastery tools to set solid anchors for myself.

I want to shortcut your path to a more balanced & beautiful life, so I have prepared a simple exercise to help you get you back on track (without necessarily changing jobs or going through a dramatic revolution like I did).

Step 1: Check for imbalances

On a scale 1-10, how satisfied are you in each of the four pillars of work-life balance: (1) Health & Fitness, (2) Supportive Relationships, (3) Career, (4) Space for Self?

Step 2: Address the weakest link

While I’m all for building on your strengths, where it comes to creating a balanced and beautiful life for yourself, I believe that you need to address your weakest link first, otherwise it can start jeopardizing all other areas.

Pick your weakest pillar as identified in step 1 and brainstorm what your dream scenario would be in that area of your life. Don’t censure yourself, thinking of what’s possible and what’s not. Just write down your greatest desires for that specific area of your life.

Step 3: Plan your next step

Now that you know what you want to achieve, ask yourself:

What is the very first step that I can take to move towards my dream?

Choose an action that depends only on you and that you can perform today.

Step 4: Take action

Go and do it! (Or at least schedule it).

Step 5: Social accountability

Even if you consider yourself an introvert, the truth is that we are sociable beings and that peer pressure gets us moving, whether we like to admit it or not.

Leverage your unconscious mind and set-up some social accountability. Share your commitment to improving the weakest pillar of your life with a close friend or loved one. Ask them to keep you accountable for making progress toward your dreams