Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Academic Planning

Renewal of the Queen’s University Strategic Research Plan (SRP) has followed the development, promulgation and subsequent approval of the 2011 Academic Plan. Milestones in the process were described in Where Next? Toward an Academic Plan for Queen’s University (January 2010)?and Imagining the Future, Towards an Academic Plan for Queen’s University (August 2010)?and the University Senate approved The Queen’s University Academic Plan 2011?in November of 2011.

Research intensity and the transformative educational experience form the centre piece of the academic vision for Queen’s. The plan contains a number of principles, priorities and recommendations that specifically relate to research and scholarly work. An emphasis in the future on research intensity is proposed in all aspects of the University’s operations, including recruitment. There is also a focus on greater recognition of trainees, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, their contribution to research and to advancing Queen’s University. Career trajectories of these trainees are more complex and uncertain than in previous times. Partnerships, collaborative research, interdisciplinarity, global engagement and internships in non-academic settings (e.g. industry and not-for-profit organizations) are seen as essential to enhance training experiences and to increase future employment opportunities for our Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP).

In updating the SRP, we have an opportunity to recalibrate our research orientation with an emphasis on people. We will increase opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research as part of their educational experience, promote and support interdisciplinarity, and find ways for researchers, including visiting scholars, to engage in greater reflective scholarship with each other.

The Academic Plan highlights the need for increasing recognition of the humanities and arts and the central role these areas play in research, particularly as it applies to the human experience. To address many of the world’s greatest challenges, innovative ideas and technological advances brought about by discoveries in science, engineering and health will be required. With the creative energy of the human spirit, Queen’s can offer an unparalleled environment to foster this.

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