Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)


Research Support Fund

The Research Support Fund (RSF) is a Government of Canada funding program to assist Canadian post-secondary institutions in offsetting the indirect costs of research associated with Tri-Agency awards (i.e., NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR)?– managing the research enterprise and helping to maintain a world-class research environment.

"Direct" costs of research normally comprise all of the budgeted expenditures for carrying out a specific research project at the University or affiliated organizations. These direct costs can be directly assigned to research projects relatively easily with a high degree of accuracy.

"Indirect" costs are real dollars spent by the University and affiliated organizations to support research activities.?Although it can be difficult to assign these costs to specific projects, they represent necessary provisions for the conduct of research including items such as utilities, building costs, research contract/applications support, human resources, research accounting, library costs and central computing costs.

Queen’s University distributes the RSF grant in two broad steps.?The first is to allocate appropriate amounts to its Affiliates, which include Kingston General Hospital, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Providence Care Centre, and the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation.?The second step is to allocate the remainder to each of its Faculties in a manner that reflects their relative contribution to the total grant received.?

The funds provided are to assist with expenses in five major categories:?Facility, Management & Administration, Resources, Regulatory Requirements, and Intellectual Property. RSF grants are allocated annually based on a 3-year rolling average of an institution's Tri-Agency revenue.

The RSF grant permits grant-holding institutions to partially meet the compliance expectations of the various funders (e.g., human ethics, animal care, biohazards, and controlled goods), as well as financial and audit requirements.?The RSF grant reduces the amount Queen’s University must draw from critical operating funds, which are required to continue to offer high-quality teaching and research environments.

For more information, please visit the Queen's Research Support Fund page.


Senate Research Reports

These reports are prepared for the Queen's University Senate by the VP Research office. They provide a summary of research news, updates from the office, research funding, and awards granted across the university. The documents are provided in?pdf on the ?Senate Reports page. If you require this information in another format, or if you require earlier reports,?please?contact us.


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