Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

A Message from Dr. Steven N. Liss, Vice-Principal (Research)

[Steven Liss]Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Summer has arrived on campus and Kingston and Queen’s are in their glory. The academic year has come to an end, the class of 2016 has convocated and, while thoughts of long-awaited vacations and books we’ve been meaning to read come to mind, our creative juices don’t stop flowing. Many scholars are heading out to do field work, ramping up activity in their labs and studios, or setting up shop in distant archives.

Notably, Queen’s is preparing to celebrate its 175th anniversary in 2016-17. Many units across campus, including the Office of the Vice-Principal (Research), are spearheading activities and initiatives to celebrate this important milestone in Canadian history. In particular, plans are underway to complete a special 175th anniversary edition of our magazine, which will track the evolution of research at Queen’s from a period where research was found on the fringes of academic life to the robust research enterprise that exists today.

With the 175th issue appearing in early fall, we are doing something a little different for our spring issue: a digital edition. While providing fewer stories in comparison to previous issues, you will note more visual content, a user-friendly format that is easily accessed and widely available, and the same wide range of scholarship and research at Queen’s. For example, you will learn about Dr. Kip Pegley’s work on the positive impact that music can have on veterans’ health, and your interest will be piqued by the innovative ultrasound-guided intervention Dr. Parvin Mousavi is developing to help diagnose prostate cancer.

I hope that you will enjoy reading and, as always, I welcome your comments and encourage you to explore, discover, and engage in the research enterprise at Queen’s.

Dr. Steven N. Liss
Vice-Principal (Research)

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