Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

(e)AFFECT Issue 9: Spring/Summer 2016

Special Digital Edition

[Feature story image of Dr. Mousavi]

Pointed Priorities: Bringing IT into the Clinic

Dr. Parvin Mousavi, professor in the Queen's School of Computing, and her lab are using medical imaging for improved diagnoses.

[Feature story image of Ana Johnson]

Networks of Data for Improving Health Care

Dr. Ana Johnson, professor in the Queen's Department of Public Health Sciences, uses administrative data to study how health care resources are used – with the goal of building a stronger system.

[Feature story image of soldier at piano]

The Power of Music in Veterans' Health

Dr. Kip Pegley, professor in the Dan School of Drama and Music, explores the role that music plays in the lives of Canadian Forces personnel, including those who suffer from PTSD.

[Feature story image of Vanessa Sloan Morgan]

Transforming Thinking to Improve Indigenous/Settler Relations

Vanessa Sloan Morgan, a PhD candidate in the Queen's Department of Geography and Planning, encourages responsible thought and thoughtful action with regards to Indigenous-settler and environmental relations.


In conversation with the Prizes for Excellence in Research Recipients

Each year, the Prizes for Excellence in Research are awarded to top-ranking researchers at Queen's who have made significant contributions to their field, paving the way for future scholars to follow in their footsteps and expanding the innovative world of research at the university.

Recently, Leigh Cameron interviewed each recipient of the 2015 prize, exploring their research interests and inspirations.

[Dr. Myra Hird]Dr. Myra Hird

Professor of environmental studies and director of the genera Research Group

[Dr. Goujin Liu}Dr. Guojun Liu

Professor of chemistry and Canada Research Chair in Materials Science

[Dr. Jacalyn Duffin]Dr. Jacalyn Duffin

Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine

[Dr. Anne Croy]Dr. Anne Croy

Professor of reproductive immunology and the Canada Research Chair in Reproduction, Development, and Sexual Function

[Dr. Mark Diederichs]Dr. Mark Diederichs

Professor of geological engineering

[photo of clean energy technology]Researchers in the News

  • Clean energy technologies
  • Keys to a healthy heart
  • A new name for HPCVL: Centre for Advanced Computing
  • A focus on children
  • Research showcase
  • Talk like TED
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