Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Welcome to Research at Queen's University

  • Faculty Writing Retreat - December 7, 2017

    Find?out more about our Faculty Writing Retreat?and how to register!??

  • Calling all photographers, professional and amateur! Let research be your muse and submit your image to the 2017-2018 Art of Research photo contest.?

  • #SupportTheReport

    Find out more about Canada's Fundamental Science Review and what you can do to #SupportTheReport.

  • QNS Scholars 2016-17

    The QNS program announces?two new scholars for 2016-17. For more information, please?visit the?Queen's Gazette?for the full story.?

  • Science Rendezvous Kingston 2017 sculpture

    On May 13, thousands of people enjoyed the exciting activities and interactive displays at Science Rendezvous Kingston! Highlights included a geometric sculpture inspired by SNOLab and Nobel Laureate Art McDonald and?the chance to see a live ultrasound. (Photo by Garrett Elliott).

  • Dr. Praveen Jain receives the 2017 IEEE Canada P. Ziogas Electric Power Medal

    Congratulations to Dr. Praveen Jain (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) for being awarded the 2017?IEEE Canada P. Ziogas Electric Power Medal, the highest honour in the field of Power Engineering in Canada. This medal was awarded in recognition of his “contributions to the theory and practice of high frequency power converters."

  • Faculty Writing Retreat

    On April 20, the OVPR hosted a Spring Faculty Writing Retreat at the Donald Gordon Centre. Faculty were able to work on writing grant applications and publications, as well as connect with new and old colleagues. (Photo?by Stephen Wild)

  • Principal Daniel Woolf, Khadijat Hassan, The Hon. Reza Moridi, MPP Sophie Kiwala, Dr. Alexander Braun, Dr. Praveen Jain, and Dr. John Fisher

    On March 14, the Honourable Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science, announced a $77-million investment into research?from the Government of Ontario, including $4.5-million for four Queen's researchers. (Photo Credit: Garrett Elliott)

Research represents one of the most dynamic elements of the university enterprise at Queen's. The role of the Vice-Principal (Research) reflects the responsibilities associated with?coordinating and promoting research, and advancing the research activities that contribute to new discoveries and creative works, scientific and technical breakthroughs, advances in the social sciences and humanities, innovation, institutional reputation, and importantly to the education and training of both undergraduate and graduate students.

Whether you are a seasoned researcher, new to Queen's, a potential partner, or just visiting, please explore our website to find the?information you need regarding research programs?and opportunities for funding and partnerships. If?our office can be of assistance, or should you wish to provide feedback, please email?[email protected].

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