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University Animal Care Committee

The University Animal Care Committee (UACC)?is a Principal's?committee?that reports to the Vice Principal (Research). The UACC?is committed to the highest standards of animal welfare by providing leadership and support for the animal care and use program at Queen's University.

The UACC is mandated by the Animals for Research Act (ARA) which is?administered by the?Ontario Ministry of?Agriculture,Food and Rural Affairs(OMAFRA)?and the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC). The UACC?is responsible for the review and approval of all protocols proposing the use of animals in research, teaching, or testing at or in direct affiliation with Queen's University.

The role of the Committee is to ensure that the welfare of the animals is a prime consideration in their procurement, care and use and that the highest ethical standards, as defined by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC), are observed. The responsibility and authority of the UACC is further detailed in the Terms of Reference ?as well as the Policies and Procedures of UACC.

Animal Ethics and Care in Science

Policy on Pedagogical Merit of Teaching Protocols

It is the responsibility of the UACC?to ensure that no teaching program (including field studies) involving vertebrate animals be commenced and that no animals be acquired or used without prior approval of an animal use protocol. The animal use protocol must include an indication of whether the course has been reviewed with respect to the pedagogical merit of using live animals.

Policy on Pedagogical Merit of Teaching Protocols (105 KB)

Policy on Ensuring Scientific Merit of UACC Protocols

Research protocols submitted for approval must indicate whether the project has been peer-reviewed for scientific merit. Where the applicant confirms that an independent peer-review has not been undertaken, arrangements for arm's length peer-review must be made and the review successfully completed before the protocol is approved by the UACC.

Policy on Ensuring Scientific Merit of UACC Protocols (80 KB)

Policy on Animal User Training

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) stipulates that it is the responsibility of the UACC?to ensure that all animal users receive adequate training prior to handling animals, and that a system be maintained to allow for the easy tracking of training records for each animal user. In particular, the UACC must ensure that all personnel listed on an animal use protocol have received the appropriate training before they proceed with the protocol.?

Policy on Animal User Training (30KB)

More information on UACC Policies and Procedures...

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