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Aaron Ball is the Sustainability Manager in the Physical Plant Services department at Queen’s University and has held this position since 2008.??? As Sustainability Manager, Aaron works to advance green initiatives at the university, identify and implement new opportunities for working closely with faculty, students and staff, and create a greater degree of awareness about environmental issues within the University community. His current focus is to develop a comprehensive climate action plan for the university.

Aaron participates in a variety of sustainability associations and committees in Kingston including, SWITCH, Sustainable Kingston and the Kingston Environmental Advisory Forum (KEAF) and is a current member of both AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) and OSCA (Ontario Sustainability Coordinators Association).

Aaron has previous work experience in facilities management at both Queen’s and St. Lawrence College.? He is a graduate of Queen’s University and holds a BAH in English Language and Literature.? Aaron’s personal interests include travel, photography, history and electronic gadgets.

Llynwen Osborne is the Recycling Coordinator in the Physical Plant Services department at Queen’s University and has held this position since 2009.??? As Recycling Coordinator, Llynwen works to advance waste reduction and diversion initiatives at the university and serves as a resource for faculty, students and staff to ensure responsible disposal of solid non-hazardous waste. ?She manages?the waste hauling contract, and oversees the day to day recycling programs in compliance with government regulations and according to the?"reduce, reuse, recycle" principles. ?Llynwen’s current focus is on improving campus the waste diversion rate by expanding organics collection and improving visibility of disposal options on campus.

Llynwen has previous work experience in facilities management at Queen’s.? She is a graduate of Queen’s University and holds a BAH in Communication, Culture & Society.??

Nathan Splinter is an Energy Manager?with Physical Plant Services (PPS) at Queen’s University. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a LEED A.P designation, and 10 years’ experience in both the public and private sector with a focus on facility maintenance and energy efficiency. ?In his role with Queen’s PPS he has had a wide range of experience and his projects have included?HVAC , lighting, ?water conservation, Solar PV and renewable project development, utility forecasting, large scale sub-metering, Cogeneration, provincial and federal grant funding and commodity hedging.

Prior to joining Queen’s University he worked with General Electric. Nathan is also member of the Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators (OAPPA) Energy Committee.

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