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Resources for?Students

The Break explores important messages related to identity, diversity, Indigenous culture,?sexual violence, intergenerational trauma and resilience. If you need support at any time to help you navigate these topics, there are campus resources available. ?

Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

146 Barrie Street


A home away from home for Queen’s Aboriginal community. The centre’s programs include 1:1 advising, personal support and counselling, cultural workshops, elder services, traditional teachings and ceremonies, a lounge, library, laundry, kitchen, feasts and a Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE) pod.

Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Coordinator – Barb Lotan

B502 Mackintosh-Corry Hall in the Human Rights Office


[email protected]

Barb is the central contact for reviewing options and connecting students with the services they are comfortable with. Coordinates campus wide-education, response, support, training and prevention initiatives.?

The Peer Support Centre

Room 34, JDUC

613-533-6000 ext. 32737

The Peer Support Centre is a group of dedicated student volunteers who provide welcoming, confidential, and empathetic peer-based support to students at Queen’s University. Students are encouraged to come and speak with our volunteers who will listen and offer support for any and all issues. As well, we can suggest resources available on campus and in the Kingston community.

Student Wellness Services

LaSalle Building, 146 Stuart St. and 140 Stuart St.


Offers confidential, integrated health and wellness services to all students. Students can book appointments with doctors, nurses, counsellors, accessibility advisors, and health promotion educators. There is also a walkin clinic available for more urgent needs. Services include physical, sexual, and mental health care, accommodation planning and advocacy for students with disabilities, and peer led health promotion activities.?

Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC)

JDUC, Room 111, 87 Union St.


The centre provides an informal gathering place for the international members of the Queen’s community to network and receive non-academic advice. Supports and programs are offered to students interested in internationalizing their education on campus or through study, work or travel abroad.

University Chaplaincy

JDUC, Room 142B


Chaplains Kate Johnson, Abdullah El-Asmar and Wendy Luella Perkins?provide confidential spiritual and religious counselling for students and staff from all backgrounds. See the Chaplain’s website for bios and more information.



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