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Queen's Cares:?Alternative?Reading Week

Queen’s Cares is an alternative Reading Week program that takes place during February Reading Week (February 20-23, 2018). The 4-day program offers Queen’s students the opportunity to work in teams to complete a project in partnership with a local community organization. Students make meaningful contributions, build relationships, and learn more about the City of Kingston.

Queen’s Cares’ primary aim is to have students contribute positively to a community-identified need while developing skills and gaining experience. As a student, participating the program offers you the opportunity to:

  • Work collaboratively with a group of Queen’s students, enhancing your sense of community on campus
  • Develop an increased awareness of the Kingston community and its needs by working on a project with a local organization, and engaging in a process of action and reflection
  • Explore your identity and perspectives as they relate to the Kingston community?
  • Enrich your academic studies through experiential learning and skill building opportunities outside of the classroom

I’m more thoughtful of small actions now and how they affect the community and the difference they can make.

- Queen' s Cares participant, 2017

Program Structure

Program Orientation (February?10th, 2018):?

Prior to the Reading Week experience, program participants will attend a mandatory orientation where they will meet their teams and begin planning for the week!

Reading Week Program (February 20 - 23, 2018):

Throughout the 4-day experience, schedules will vary each day, but consist of the same fundamental components:?Learning from community partners, project work and debriefing and a critical reflection of the day’s activities.

Program Showcase (Date TBD):

After the 4-day intensive experience, students will be asked to consolidate their experiences and learning, and present to interested members of the Queen’s and Kingston community.

Community Partners

Queen’s Cares wouldn't be possible without our local community partners. Organizations around Kingston welcome us to their spaces and communities. Students work with these partners to address a number of topics and needs within the community.

Sustainable Kingston

Sustainable Kingston's mission is to enhance the livability and resiliency of Kingston. They do this by sharing knowledge and providing resources and programs that drive community action. From 2017-2020, Sustainable Kingston is focusing its work on driving measurable improvements in the Kingston community across 6 priority areas: Climate Action,Environmental Stewardship, Sense of Community, Sustainable Transportation, Economic Prosperity and Food Security.

The H'art School

The H’art School helps adults with intellectual disabilities reach their highest potential through arts and education and engages them in Inclusive Post Secondary Education through a voluntary arrangement with Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education. They are a non-profit, charitable arts hub that provides people with disability and those facing barriers with opportunities to study, practice, create and produce works in the arts.

The Change the Conversation Project

The Change the Conversation project invites Kingstonians to learn and reflect on what they can do to make our city a place where everyone feels welcome, respected, accepted and valued. The goals of the project are to build awareness of the diverse cultural values, beliefs and perceptions across our community, create a culture of inclusion and develop a cross-cultural understanding and support for the benefits of living in a diverse community.

The Boys & Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club of Kingston & Area provides a safe place in a caring environment that offers a variety of programs which contribute to healthy child development. They offer sports, recreation, arts, social, educational, homework, leadership and other programs in Kingston, Ontario. All programs are offered at a low cost to members. They also provide free nutritious meals to members every night. The staff and numerous volunteers serve as role models for children.

KEYS Job Centre

As a community-based organization serving a diverse population, KEYS provides counselling to help reduce the stress of unemployment, while continuing to provide the basic tools needed to succeed in one’s chosen career. KEYS is committed to serving all vulnerable members of the community and ensures that everyone in the community gets the support they need to fulfill their life goals. Today they have programs and services for adults, youth and students, persons with disabilities and newcomers to Canada.

Focus Forward

Focus Forward’s mission is to collaborate with Indigenous communities across Canada to improve the overall quality of life by empowering their youth through applied focus programs that give back to the community. They aren’t trying to provide just any opportunity – they facilitate life changing programs that aim to make an immediate impact on the youth and their communities.

Limestone District School Board

The Limestone District School Board offers elementary and secondary students an education that is enriched with diverse program choices and activities to complement curriculum requirements while supporting achievement and well-being and the overall success of every student. The Board offers elementary students several unique programs in the Arts, French Immersion as well as academically advanced opportunities and Full-Day Kindergarten. The Board also offers secondary students a variety of programs that assist students to successfully access all post-secondary destinations to the workplace, apprenticeship, university or college including locally developed Focus, Co-op and Apprenticeship programs.

Application Instructions

All undergraduate Queen's students are eligible to apply to participate in Queen's Cares. Students must be willing to commit to attending the program orientation, the 4-day experience, and the showcase. As there are a limited number of spaces available in this program, students must apply to participate. All applications will be reviewed before students are offered a place in the program.

Apply now

Deadline: December 17th, 2017

Cost:?$60?per student* (Cost covers food for Orientation, and lunches and snacks during the February Reading Week)

*There are opportunities for students to have this fee lowered if financial need is demonstrated. Please contact?[email protected]?by December 15th?for more information.

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