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If you are a first-year student living in an on-campus residence, University Orientation is how you will be spending your first few days at Queen’s University!


What is it?

University Orientation runs from September 3rd?to September 5th, 2017. Throughout these three days, you, your Don, and your floor, will have the opportunity to participate in many activities and events that will introduce you to your home away from home: Queen’s.

University Orientation aims to:

  • Welcome students to the Queen's community
  • Prepare students for their university studies
  • Introduce students to support services and resources
  • Ensure students understand university expectations
  • Help students begin developing new social networks

Please note that University Orientation is a part of living in residence and no registration is necessary!?

Stay up-to-date on University Orientation by joining our Facebook event: ''.

what can you expect?

During University Orientation, you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of events and activities with your floor, your building, and the entire incoming class. You will:

  • Get settled into your room
  • Get to know your floor and make some amazing friends
  • Learn about the resources and clubs available on campus
  • Participate in fun events, such as casino night, carnival night, and so much more

All University Orientation events are designed to create an environment that is positive, respectful, inclusive, and discrimination-free. While we encourage you to attend as many events as possible, events are not mandatory, and you are encouraged to take care of yourself and your needs. Please know that Queen's University does not tolerate hazing, and all orientation events are alcohol-free.

Throughout University Orientation, help is always on hand! If you have any questions during the three days, call or visit the Nerve Centre, our main information hub, in the lower ceilidh of the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC) and at 613-533-6254. Stay safe by using our bus shuttle and/or Walkhome when travelling at night, and download the SeQure app to hae safety information at your fingertips.

If you have any accessibility needs, please contact [email protected] to arrange for accommodations.

We are so excited to welcome you to Queen’s University as the Class of 2021!

What if you live off campus?

Not living in residence? There is a whole orientation program for First Year Not In Residence Students (FYNIRS) that also takes place?September 3rd - September 5th, 2017. FYNIRS also participate in several University Orientation events, including our opening ceremony, Queen's Welcomes U, and the ResSoc Carnival. Learn more about?FYNIRS?Orientation

After University Orientation and FYNIRS Orientation, students have the opportunity to participate in Faculty Orientation from September 6th - 10th. Registration is required for Faculty Orientation. Learn more about Faculty Orientation
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