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Upper Year Awards

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Once a student has completed at least one year of studies at Queen's they may qualify for an upper year awards. Upper year awards are divided into two categories: awards requiring a separate application, and awards that are automatically selected.?For a list of frequently asked questions and answers please visit the FAQs section.

Awards Requiring a Separate Application:

Some upper year awards require students to submit an application to the Student Awards Office or their Faculty.?To apply for the majority of these awards students should submit a resume and letter explaining how they meet the selection criteria for the specific award. Please review the specific details of each award for deadline dates and how to apply. A list of all upper year awards requiring a separate application can be found on the Awards List section of the website.

Awards Not Requiring a Separate Application:

At the end of each academic year, faculties review student achievement and top students are selected to receive one (or more) of the many upper year scholarships, prizes and other merit-based awards. Students do not need to submit an application as these upper year awards are granted automatically by your faculty. You will be notified by the Student Awards Office if you have been selected for an award.?For a complete list of the upper year awards not requiring an application, please visit the Awards List section of the website.

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