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Income Taxes

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations require the University to issue T4A slips for all scholarships, bursaries and awards disbursed to students in a given calendar year.?If you have received a scholarship,?bursary or award from Queen's and have not provided the University with your Social Insurance Number (SIN), you will be?prompted to input your SIN via SOLUS.?

Under normal circumstances the full amount of scholarships, bursaries or awards are not subject to federal tax and are no longer reported as income on your federal tax return if they were earned by you as a student enrolled in a program that entitles you to claim the education amount.?For more information, see Canada Revenue Agency publication P105 entitled "Students and Income Tax".

Non-Canadian citizens will not be issued a Social Insurance Number unless they seek employment in Canada.?If you are granted a scholarship, bursary or award?and do not have a SIN please visit the Service Canada website for information on how to apply for a SIN.

Goodes Hall in winter

All T4A slips are mailed to your Mailing Address as it appears on SOLUS.?T4As will be mailed at the end of February for the previous calendar year (therefore if you receive a bursary in January you will not receive a T4A until the February of the following year).?

Please visit the Office of the University Registrar's website for more information on how to print off a T2202A slip from SOLUS.

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