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Room Reservations

Reserving Spaces at Queen's

Accessibility and Event Planning

Please consider accessibility when planning your events. Go to the Equity Office Event Planning page for more details.

Please also refer to the Campus Accessibility Guide and Classroom List for information on the accessibility of many of the bookable campus buildings and classrooms.

Queen's Event Services

Queen's Event Services handles most ad hoc, non-academic room/event booking requests at Queen's University. Rental rates for halls, classrooms, and academic meeting rooms are determined based on the classification of the user group submitting the request.

Please also consult Queen's Event Services for event management services (including registration services, tech support and decor), catering, and accommodations.

Learn more about reserving rooms through


There are other groups on campus, however, that manage booking requests for particular spaces. They are as follows:

Type of Facility Specifics How to Book
Student & community activity rooms and tables

To book rooms in:

  • the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC)
  • the Queen's Centre (non-athletics spaces)
  • and MacGillivray-Brown Hall

and to book tables in:

  • the JDUC
  • the Queen's Centre
  • and Mackintosh-Corry?Hall

See Student Life Centre

Queen's University International Centre Book rooms in (QUIC), on the second floor of the JDUC Visit QUIC - JDUC Room 117
Residences/conference accommodations Book rooms in Queen's Residences (between May and August only) Direct requests to
Athletics facilities Book athletics facilities in the Athletics & Recreation Centre (ARC) and Queen's playing fields Contact
Outdoor events
  • To book outdoor events in Queen's parking lots, contact the Parking Office
  • To book other fields and spaces, contact
Goodes Hall Book the atrium and classrooms in Goodes Hall, home of the Smith School of Business Contact the Smith School of Business
Integrated Learning Centre, Beamish-Munro Hall
  • Book classrooms through the Room Reservations application
  • Book group rooms through the ILC
  • Book other non-classroom spaces through the Engineering & Applied Science Student Services office
Go to the ILC website for more details
Donald Gordon Conference Centre A state-of-the-art conference and hospitality facility that is wholly owned and operated by Queen's University. It is located at 421 Union Street. Please consult the Donald Gordon Conference Centre website


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