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Queen's University International Centre (QUIC)

A support service for everyone at Queen's, promoting an internationally informed and cross-culturally sensitive learning environment.

Whether you’re planning your arrival or settling in for a long stay here, or planning to study abroad, the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) will help you find the information you need to make the right decisions. QUIC also provides valuable resources for students who wish to deepen their international engagement by participating in campus activities that expose them to a global perspective.

  • [international students touring campus]
    QUIC organizes a range of activities for students, both on campus and off.
  • [students at QUIC orientation]
    January orientation sessions include tips on how to dress for the cold weather! (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [students at QUIC workshop]
    QUIC promotes an internationally informed and cross-culturally sensitive learning environment.
  • [students at QUIC lunch]
    Students meet for some soup and conversation at the QUIC International Community-Building Lunch. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [students at QUIC orientation]
    At the QUIC orientation sessions, students learn about Queen's and each other. (Photo by Lars Hagberg)
  • [students at QUIC orientation]
    Incoming student at a QUIC orienation session. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [ATLAS student orientation]
    The ATLAS program, provides webinars and in-person opportunities to help international undergraduate students adjust to Queen’s and prepare for academic success.
  • [students at QUIC orientation]
    Incoming students are welcomed at QUIC orientation sessions. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [students at QUIC meet-and-greet]
    At a QUIC meet-and-greet 2016. (Photo by Lars Hagberg)
  • [students at QUIC orientation]
    Incoming students are welcomed at QUIC orientation sessions. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [students at a QUIC networking event]
    QUIC networking event, January 2016 (Photo by Lars Hagberg)
  • [students at FDASC]
    QUIC activities: students attend a workshop at the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre.
  • [students at QUIC orientation]
    QUIC offers welcome activities and orientation sessions for newly-arrived students. (Photo by Bernard Clark)

What can you do at QUIC?

Get oriented. Learn about Kingston and Canada, and settle in at Queen’s at our international student orientation sessions or with our International Student Advisors.

Get involved. Join clubs. Attend and participate in special events. Be part of a community of internationally minded people at Queen’s.

Get training. Develop your international knowledge and skills at our intercultural training workshops and activities for staff and students.

Prepare for your time abroad with a pre-departure orientation and safety abroad training.

Learn about your options for international study and work.

Volunteer. Join the more than 300 students each year who share their skills – and maybe even learn new ones! – while supporting their community.

Relax. QUIC also has community spaces to read, study, work and meet with other students – as well as table tennis and a full kitchen.

Be supported. International students and staff can visit QUIC for a wide range of services and support, including Canadian permits and visas, health insurance (UHIP), how to ship your belongings, arrival information, and supports for spouses and children.

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