Queen's Innovation Centre

Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre
Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

Student-led Conferences and Competitions on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Become a delegate or join the organizing committee for one of the events below to explore entrepreneurship and meet other students who are doing the same.

Queen's Healthcare and Business Conference

March | Apply in the Winter Semester
Be a part of the first student run conference in Canada to explore the dynamic relationship between business and healthcare. The inaugural event will feature an innovation showcase and panel with healthcare entrepreneurs.?

QEC - Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition

January | Apply in the Fall?SemesterQueen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition
An established and highly respected business plan competition attracting entrants from around the world. Multi-discipline teams pitch their business plans to expert judges vying for significant prize money. Students can aspire to bring their venture to this level of maturity and can attend the event to meet potential co-founders and see the quality of the pitches.

QSS - Queen's Startup SummitQueen’s Startup Summit

January | Apply in the Fall?Semester
An intensive 56 hours event held over a weekend in March. Students from across Canada meet at Queen’s to form a startup on a small team in just 2.5 days. This event is a great way to immerse yourself in entrepreneurship and the startup culture with very little time invested and potentially meet fellow co-founders for a future venture.

#hatch QIC – Series of events for students and community members

Year-round | Join any time
A series of two or three events throughout the academic year, approximately 90 minutes in duration. Students from across disciplines either sit or observe, or take 30 seconds to pitch their idea and solicit feedback and ideas from other attendees.

QACE – Queen’s Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship

November | Apply in the Fall?SemesterQueen’s Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship
A ComSoc event open to all students with a recent focus on attracting more students from outside QSSB. Guest speakers, a strong social component, and interesting workshops make this a great conference to meet other innovative fellow Queen’s students.

QCBT - Queen’s Conference on Business and Technology

March | Apply in the Winter?SemesterQueen’s Conference on Business and Technology
Event featuring notable guest speakers and breakout workshops. Traditionally explored the intersection of commerce and technology.

QGIC – Queen’s Global Innovation Conference

January | Apply in the Fall Semester
Weekend long conference focused on social innovation and enterprise. Each year a societal problem is proposed and teams of delegates pitch their solutions on the Sunday, followed by a dinner.

QSSBIS – Queen’s Smith School of Business Innovation Summit

November | Register in the Fall SemesterQueen’s Smith School of Business Innovation Summit
A weekend long conference put on by Queen’s MBA students.

QMCC - Queen’s Micro-Credit Challenge

March? Queen’s Micro-Credit Challenge
A week long competition where students form teams and (legally) maximize profit made from a real venture with minimal seed funding. All profits are donated to Kiva global microcredit lending facility.

QSUS – Queen’s Sustainability Conference

October | Register in the Fall SemesterQueen’s Sustainability Conference
The inaugural QSUS event will take place this year. The focus of the conference will be on challenging teams to put forward and mobilize ideas which will improve the sustainability of the Queen’s campus.

CEEC - Commerce and Engineering Environmental Conference

March | Apply in the Winter SemesterCommerce and Engineering Environmental Conference
A weekend long conference bringing technical and business students together to tackle environmental issues. The event attracts a significant delegation external to Queen’s.

Innovate Queen's

Year-round | Join any time
A series of speaker events related to innovation and entrepreneurship for students to expand their skills and meet like-minded students.

Are you part of an entrepreneurship and innovation focused conference missing from this list? Connect with us by sending an email to [email protected].

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