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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre
Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

Safety Policies and Procedures

1. Members must clean up after themselves after using any of the machinery or tools.?

2. All necessary safety training must be taken by the member prior to operating a machine.

3. 3D printing for individual members is free for projects that take under four (4) hours of print time. Please consult with the Makerspace Director ([email protected]) if you want to use the 3D printer for more than the allowed amount of time.

4. 3D printing for Design Team or organization?members is free for projects that take below 18?hours of print time; however, we reserve the right to deny any prints above 10 hours at the discretion of the Makerspace?Director.?

5. Performing modifications on carbon fibre such as drilling, sanding and cutting are prohibited in SparQ Studios.

6. The Makerspace Director must be notified when a member is bringing a large piece of material or harmful chemicals prior to entering the space.

7. Food and drinks are allowed only on the team tables and only if the staff permits it. No mess should be left behind.

8. Design Team invoices are always crafted and kept on file by the?makerspace?staff regarding payment. The invoices can be made available upon the request of the Design Team via an email to the?Makerspace?Director.

9.?Workshops and individual machine tutorials are run on an as-needed basis. Please issue a request through email to the Makespace Director or by Facebook messaging the?SparQ?Studios page at least a week ahead of time.

10. Scrap material owned by?SparQ?Studios,?such as?wood and metal, is free (within reason) and can be obtained from the Scrap Room with the permission of a staff member.?


Makerspace Infractions

In order to allow for a cooperative and safe environment for the members of the makerspace, there are several infractions that allow the Makerspace Director or any of the DDQIC staff to institute a removal of duty as a SparQ?staff member or a removal of membership as a SparQ member or design team. Safety and order is our primary focus at the makerspace?and, as a result, any infraction of the following policies may result in the removal of duty or membership from SparQ at the discretion of the Makerspace Director or any of the DDQIC staff:


1. Failure to lock up when it is part of your shift duty.

2. Failure to ensure all members wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary during your shift.

3. Multiple failures to enforce our clean-up policy.

4. Expressing unprofessional conduct.


Members or Design Teams:

1. Failure to pay for membership.

2. Multiple failures to use PPE when necessary.

3. Multiple failures to clean up after themselves.

4. Hostile or aggressive behavior.

5. Failure to store team's items/materials in the proper designated storage space.

6. Using chemicals without prior permission from the Makerspace Director.

7. Failure to adhere to Safety Policies and Procedures numbered 1 through to 7 above.



Private tours of our facilities at SparQ Studios may be scheduled by sending a request to [email protected] detailing the number of members in your party and the preferred dates for the tour. The staff will work closely with the requesting party to find a suitable date for the tour.

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