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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

SparQ?Studios:?The Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre’s?Makerspace and Design Studio

SparQ Studios, formerly SparQ Labs, is a makerspace and design studio situated at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. A makerspace is a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and create their ideas. With over 1,000 active makerspaces worldwide, they are becoming a new driver for innovation in both industry and education. SparQ Studios helps?students?explore their creative side by providing them with access to a?wide range of machinery from which they can manufacture many things including?a 3D printed USB holder or?their very own custom long board. This breadth of facilities offered by SparQ Studios is what allows the makerspace?to become an integral part of the creative process that is involved in product development for start-ups?as well as a "learning by doing" model of teaching. The studio offers workshops on how to use?all of our available machinery and also offers classes?in other areas such as professional photography.

SparQ Studios was founded in 2013 by 4 students from Queen’s University, two of whom participated in the QICSI program. Recognizing the tremendous synergy between SparQ Studios and QIC’s innovation programming, QIC has supported and partnered with SparQ’s founding students to create one of Canada’s only?on-campus makerspaces.

SparQ Studios supports start-ups from the QIC Summer Initiative (QICSI) by providing them with the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to develop their next big idea. The start-ups operate in the space over the course of the summer to prepare their prototypes and expand their business plan before participating in the final pitch competition in August.

Studio Tours

Private tours can be scheduled by sending an email to [email protected] noting the number of individuals attending the tour and the preferred dates. The staff will respond to find a suitable time to host a tour for the requesting party.

Event Calendar

Visit the SparQ calendar to view upcoming events and workshops happening at the studio.


Check out the SparQ Facebook page to stay up to date on information about the studio and to sign up for weekly events and workshops!

Note: Sign up for summer workshops and learning opportunities (displayed in the calendar) by joining the corresponding Facebook events posted on the SparQ page.


Carruther's Hall - First Floor

62 5 Field Company Ln
Kingston, ON.
K7L 3N6

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SparQ Studios

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  • SparQ Studios

    SparQ Studios in its new?space in Carruthers Hall. Photo credit: Ryan Lee

  • SparQ Studios

    SparQ?Studios in its new?space in?Carruthers?Hall.?Photo credit: Ryan Lee

  • SparQ Studios

    SparQ?Studios in its new?space in?Carruthers?Hall.?Photo credit: Ryan Lee

  • SparQ Studios

    SparQ?Studios in its new?space in?Carruthers?Hall.?Photo credit: Ryan Lee

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