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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

Queen's Innovation Centre Summer Initiative?Timeline:

The following is a timeline of the QIC Summer Initiative program. QICSI 2016 will run from May 2nd to August 26th.?

When What Details
October Applications Open ?
Beginning of November Application Deadline ?
Mid-December Offers are made ?

Winter Term

QICSI?Meet and Greet(s)

Meet your fellow?QICSI?participants at a casual social or two before the program begins.

First two weeks of May


An intensive two week segment of?QICSI?with full time classes taught by Business and Engineering professors, seasoned entrepreneurs and business experts. This part of?QICSI?equips you with the knowledge to launch your business.

First weekend in May

The?QICSI?Bootcamp?Startup Weekend

A residential startup weekend where you work with a diverse team to develop a business idea in 56 hours. Accommodations and meals are provided at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre. The weekend concludes with a mini-pitch competition.

Third week of May onwards

Team formation begins

You will select the people you will work with for the rest of the summer, and ideate what you will pursue as your venture.

End of May to beginning of August


Throughout the summer, team members participate in focused seminars, workshops and hands-on mentorship conducted by entrepreneurs, innovators, alumni and industry-specific mentors. Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and experts approximately once a week on various topics, such as: market intelligence, intellectual property, pitch coaching, venture financing, and more!

Second last Thursday in August

Pitch Competition

The program culminates in a day-long competition judged by entrepreneurs, business leaders and alumni. You will pitch for the opportunity to win up to $30,000 to continue your venture.

End of August

QICSI?ends, but the opportunities continue!

Continue your venture through?QIC Acceleration, and gain access to affordable (or free) space at?Innovation Park. The opportunities and support don’t end with the close of the program. You’re now part of a strong network of?QICSI?graduates. Stay involved by dropping by or?become a mentor.

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