Queen's Innovation Centre

Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre
Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

Greg?Bavington, Sc’85Greg Bavington

Executive Director, DDQIC
Special Advisor to the Provost, Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

“There is no better investment than in our future leaders,” says Greg?Bavington. He should know. Greg was appointed Executive Director of the Queen’s Innovation Connector in November 2012. His latest innovation challenge follows five years as President and CEO of KN Rubber LLC and roles helping to design smelters in South Africa and GM’s modernized assembly plant in Oshawa. Greg was also exposed to several high-profile engineering projects, including the English Channel Tunnel and the?SkyDome?roof. He has served as an elected member of Queen’s University Council and on the Queen’s Engineering Society Board of Directors. Greg also serves on the board of several private companies, income trusts, trade associations and not-for-profit organizations.

Jim?McLellan, Sc’81, PhD’90P James McLellan

Academic Director, DDQIC

Jim (Sc’81, PhD’90) is the Academic Director of the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre, Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Queen’s and a co-founder of the Queen’s Summer Innovation Initiative. Prior to joining Queen’s in 1990, he worked for Petro-Canada as a control applications engineer. He is an active researcher and consultant in the fields of statistical model building and process control, working with major companies ranging from biomedical devices, to metals manufacturing and chemical manufacturing processes. Jim is committed to building innovation and entrepreneurship programming at Queen’s and to growing a vibrant entrepreneurial culture in the Kingston region, working with many groups in the Kingston entrepreneurship ecosystem. Jim is cross-appointed to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and to the Dan School of Drama and Music. He collaborates in teaching and research in innovation and pedagogy in the technology and creative arts fields.




Erin?LeBlanc?Artsci’82, MEd, LLM’12Erin LeBlanc

Director, Strategic Program Development & Accreditation, Office of the Dean, Smith School of Business

Specializing in leadership and law, in her?20 years working at the Smith School of Business, Ms. LeBlanc has held several leadership positions. She has been a key contributor in the creation and launch of many initiatives and new academic programs within the School, notably, the Master of International Business, Master of Finance, Master of Management Analytics, and Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is a member of the team responsible for the design, launch and ongoing programming for the DDQIC Summer Initiative. She?has been a part of the Queen's Executive Development Centre as a team facilitator on the Queen's Leadership Program, as well as a team facilitator in both the Queen's National Executive MBA and Accelerated MBA programs. She?also teaches International Business Law in the Master of International Business Program, focusing on how companies enter into international markets.?



Kim?Woodhouse?Kim Woodhouse

Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

“Innovative” is a word often used to describe Kim?Woodhouse, Dean of Queen’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science since 2007. A professional engineer with extensive international experience in management and educational consulting, Kim holds several patents and is co-founder of a biotechnology company. Her research in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine is contributing to the treatment of patients with damaged heart tissue and blood vessels. Prior to joining Queen’s, Kim held several positions at the University of Toronto, including a professorship in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, and she was Associate Director of the Advanced Regenerative Tissue Engineering Centre at?Sunnybrook?Health Sciences Centre.



Elspeth?Murray, Artsci’85, MBA’87Elspeth Murray

Associate Dean (MBA Programs), Smith School of Business

As Managing Director of the Queen’s Centre for Business Venturing, an entrepreneur and consultant to multiple start-ups and seasoned organizations like BMW Canada,?Elspeth?Murray has seen firsthand what it takes to innovate. “Management teams need to make smart decisions based on a sound knowledge of both technology and business, and be willing and able to take their ideas that one step further than the competition.” Prior to joining Smith School of?Business in?1996, she worked at IBM and as owner-operator of three successful Canadian Tire stores.?Elspeth?is also the bright mind behind several on-campus ventures, including a new venture concentration for MBA students.



Associate Professor and Queen's National Scholar

Sidneyeve Matrix

Sidneyeve Matrix researches and teaches about digital communication, design thinking, and creative entrepreneurship. She designs and delivers courses on campus and online about digital media, integrated marketing and communications, and creative thinking for The Dan School of Drama and Music and The Smith School of Business. Sidneyeve’s educational technology design initiatives and research have been featured in University Affairs, Macleans, Academic Matters, Yahoo!, MSN.ca, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and elsewhere. Beyond campus, Sidneyeve consults for organizations and corporations seeking to recruit and engage young people, and delivers design thinking professional development workshops for Western University.


Marta Straznicky

Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Marta StraznickyMarta Straznicky has been a Professor in the English Department at Queen’s since 1990. She has also been Head of Department and is now Associate Dean in the School of Graduate Studies. She has taught at all levels of the undergraduate and graduate programs at Queen’s, usually on Shakespeare and early modern print culture. Her research has focused on the publication of plays in Shakespeare’s time, and she has done groundbreaking work on the women playwrights who were Shakespeare’s contemporaries. She has a passion for archival research, using primary documents such as manuscripts and hand-printed books to figure out how writing was done in the seventeenth century, what technologies were used to disseminate ideas, how communities of readers were constituted, and what impact written texts had on their society. Marta joins QUICSI in her role as Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, where her responsibilities include leading the SGS professional skills development programs. She is an ardent believer in the value of bringing science and humanities perspectives into conversation with one another at every stage and in every facet of education.


Melanie Robb, Sc'14

Program ManagerMelanie Robb

Melanie graduated from Chemical Engineering at Queen’s in 2014, and started her position at the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre in January 2015. In her role at DDQIC, she enjoys working at the intersection of disciplines, and supporting the diverse range of ventures that come out of DDQIC’s programs.?


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