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Return to Work and Accommodation Policies

The Return to Work & Accommodation Department was developed to ensure creative, consistent and just assistance for those employees requiring access to accommodation and/or the Sick Leave Benefit, to avoid employee absence, unless necessary, and to ensure an early and safe return to work for all employees at Queens University.

In support of this mission statement, please find relevant Policy and Procedure Documents below:

Return to Work - Queen's University believes that the successful recovery of ill or injured employees depends on early intervention and assistance with the rehabilitation and return to work process. This Statement of Policy and Procedure found on the?University Secretariats webpage,?outlines Queen's University's commitment to assist in the employee's return to their pre-Disability job as soon as possible.

Sick Leave - Queen's University provides an income replacement plan for Queen's employees who are absent from work for a medical reasons. This Policy and its related guidelines set standards for how entitlement to this benefit is established and how the benefit is administered in relation to our Long Term Disability Provider.

Accommodation - ?Found on the University Secretariat's webpage, this Policy and its related procedures and guidelines set standards for ensuring compliance with the University's Duty to Accommodate Disability.

Individualized Emergency Response Plans - These plans are in place to ensure that those employees who require assistance to evacuate a building during an emergency are properly assisted.

Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) Policy - This Policy recognizes the EFAP programming that is in place to address employee concerns that may have serious effects on work performance, personal life, and health of an employee as well as work colleagues and/or family members.

For more information please contact the Human Resources Return to Work unit at: [email protected].

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