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International students receive an early welcome

While the majority of students arrive or return to Queen’s over the Labour Day weekend for Orientation Week, many international students are already on campus.

"QUIC student staff"
Student staff at the Queen's University International Centre are welcoming international students to the university community. (Supplied Photo)

International student orientation activities at the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) began this week, as more international students arrive in town early to allow themselves more time to settle.

“Starting university can be both exciting and challenging, and for international students, the transition can be magnified when you are far from family and friends and may be adjusting to a new culture,” says QUIC Director Jyoti Kotecha. “We hope students will consider QUIC their home away from home, and use the centre to access campus services and information, meet new people, and start to connect to their new community.”

The centre is open until 8 pm every evening until Sept. 10, and is offering information sessions, social events, and walking tours of campus and facilities, including the ARC and the Isabel. As in previous years, upper year students have been hired to welcome, assist and mentor their new peers in recognition of the value of peer-to-peer connection and support. 

“Our programming is designed to help ease what can be a significant transition for incoming international students,” says QUIC Programs Coordinator Hanna Stanbury. “We aim to orient new students to campus, the Kingston community and to Canada, by offering various activities including a session about Canada’s Indigenous peoples, and a bus trip to Toronto. We are really excited to welcome every student to Queen’s.”

For more information about all of the events and activities, vist the QUIC website.

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