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Form Name Form Focus
Asset Tracking Annual Confirmation Template (xls, 16kB) Annual Asset Tracking Confirmation Submission by Feb 15th
Authorization for Off-Campus Use of Assets (pdf, 217kB) Approval to Remove University Assets from Queen's Campus
Authorization for Transfer of Research Funded Assets (pdf, 90kB Approval to Transfer Research Funded Assets
Chartfield Request (pdf, 883kB) Create, Modify, Delete a Chartfield
Cheque Requisition (GST/PST; pdf, 1.3MB) Non-Purchase Order Payments (invoice/receipt contains GST/PST)
Cheque Requisition (HST; pdf, 1.4MB) Non-Purchase Order Payments (invoice/receipt contains HST) Video Tutorial - Completing a Cheque Requisition Form
Debit/Credit Card Facility - Change/Close (pdf, 196kB) Change or Close Notification for a Debit/Credit Card Facility
Debit/Credit Card Facility - Requisition (pdf, 124kB) Departmental Requisition for a new Debit/Credit Card Facility
Delegation of Signing Authority Template - Annual Confirmation Delegation of Signing Authority
Deposit Transmittal Deposits Delivered to and Processed by Financial Services
ERS - Approver Authorization?(pdf, 44kB) Use to add/remove one approver to the Expense Reimbursement System (ERS)
ERS - Cash Advance Return Receipt (pdf, 58kB)

Expense Reimbursement System

Financial Systems Security Access Request NEW - Access to GL Financial Reporting, Journal Entry, and Purchasing Roles
Funding for CFI Research Projects (pdf, 75kB) Cash Matching or Loan Funding for CFI Research Projects
General Ledger (GL) - Journal Entry (pdf, 688kB) Journal Entry
Internal Loan Application (pdf, 134kB) Application for an Internal Loan Internal Loans Policy
Overdraft Request? Research
Payroll - Additional/One-Time Payment Request (pdf, 2.0MB) Payroll
Payroll - Direct Deposit Authorization (pdf, 842kB) Payroll
Payroll - Record of Employment Request Instructions (pdf, 79kB) Payroll
Payroll - Record of Employment Request Form (pdf, 48kB) Payroll
Payroll - Tax Slip?Copy Request? Payroll
Payroll - TD1 Fed Form Payroll
Payroll - TD1 Fed worksheet Payroll
Payroll - TD1ON Prov Form Payroll
Payroll - TD1ON Prov Worksheet Payroll
Petty Cash Account Application? Establish a petty cash account
Queen's Credit Note Template (xls, 39kB) Credit Note Template
Queen's Invoice Template (xls, 39kB) Invoice Template
Request for Forward Exchange Contract (pdf, 151kB) Forward Exchange Contract Request
Request to Transfer Funds to Endowment Capital (pdf, 99kB) Transfer Internal Funds to Endowment Capital
Revenue Generating Service Contract Transmittal Form (pdf, 529kB) Revenue Generating Service Contract Transmittal
Revenue Generating Service Contract Pricing Template (xls, 14kB) Revenue Generating Service Contract Pricing
Service Agreement - Standard Terms and Conditions (doc, 32kB) Service Agreement
Service Contract Transmittal Form Service Contracts
Signing Authority Non-Research (pdf, 222kB) Signing Authority - Non-Research Funds
Signing Authority & Research Reports Access - Research Funds?(pdf, 257kB) Signing Authority & Research Reports Access - Research Funds
Stop Payment Request (pdf, 849kB) Stop Payments
Travel Expense/Advance (pdf, 1.8MB)?? If you are an employee of Queen’s you cannot use the paper form to request a travel advance. Please use the ERS for the advance and expense reporting. Travel Expense/Advance After March 31/12
Travel Policy Exception (pdf, 585kB) Travel Policy Receipt Exception - Research Only

Human Resources (HR) Forms

Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) Forms


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