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Experiential Learning Hub

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The Experiential Learning Hub (EL Hub) is a “front door” to experiential learning at Queen's University. We support efficient cross-institutional planning and delivery of experiential learning, providing advising for program development, collaboration, and sharing of resources through a central contact.
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We encourage:

  • Faculty to contact us for resources and advice when adding an experiential learning component to a pre-existing course or developing a new program. We can provide some preliminary tools and templates and help connect you with others doing similar work at Queen's.

As the site grows, and we hear from faculty, students and partner organizations, more resources will be made available.

To come:

  • Community & Employer Partners will be able to get answers to questions, post positions, and connect with Queen's students through QUIP, Work Study and SWEP.
  • Students will be able to learn about the benefits of experiential learning to their academic and professional growth, as well as the kind of opportunities available to them at Queen’s

Key benefits of the Experiential Learning Hub:

  • A central contact for anyone wanting to learn about experiential learning (EL) at Queen’s.

  • Sharing of resources during program development to avoid pitfalls and increase efficiency.

  • Strengthening community and employer relations, and helping community partners to benefit from the ingenuity and enthusiasm of Queen’s students.

  • Building more opportunities for our students to connect with community partners, develop professional skills, and solidify classroom learning.

  • Sharing best practices and mechanisms to track, assess, and promote experiential learning.

The Experiential Learning Hub is a team managed by Chelsea Elliott, Manager, Experiential Learning and Partner Relations. For any questions EL related, email [email protected].


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