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?Safety & Security

A safe place to live

Queen’s strives to maintain a safe and secure environment. In addition to University Campus Security and other safety-dedicated staff, groups such as First Aid, Student Constables, Walkhome and Student Wellness Services provide a range of resources that promote a safety-first approach to campus living.

Campus Security

613-533-6111 Emergency Report Centre; for on-campus emergencies only

For non-emergencies, including:

Emergency Information Status Line (recorded message) 613-533-3333 ?
Campus Observation Room (COR) 613-533-6911 Support and monitoring for intoxicated students on campus. Open to all students and their friends. Walk in or call for advice.

Student Wellness Services

GET HELP NOW (service index)

613-533-2506 Call to book an appointment with a doctor, nurse, or counsellor. For urgent issues, quick appointments are available.
Sexual violence: assault, abuse and harassment resources For emergency response on campus, call: 613-533-6111 Queen’s University is committed to providing non-judgmental sexual violence support and response.
The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response website offers information on Queen's and Kingston support services.

For emergencies only, contact first aid responders through the Emergency Report Centre.
Walk-in service for non-emergency inquiries and medical situations at 51 Bader Lane before 11pm.
A peer-to-peer security service that embodies the unique idea of students being responsible for students, upholding the AMS' and University's rules and regulations at sanctioned events and venues around campus.
Walkhome 613-533-9255 (WALK) Student-run service providing safe passage to Queen's community members from dusk. Open until 2 am Sunday-Wednesday; 3 am Thursday-Saturday; 4 am during the exam period; and 1 am in the summer.

Safety Procedures, Resources, and Working Groups

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Information Security

You can find many security resources and services on the ITS website, including tips on how to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

In Kingston

Emergency Responders in Kingston [Dial 911]
Kingston Police 911 Emergency Response 613-549-4660 for non-emergency situations.
Kingston Fire and Rescue 911 Emergency Response ?
Frontenac Ambulance 911 Emergency Response ?
Kingston Detoxification Centre 613-549-6461
240 Brock Street

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for short-term, non-medical treatment for detoxification from alcohol and/or other drugs. Walk-in service and crisis response over the phone are available.

Sexual Assault Centre Kingston

613-544-6424 or

24-hour support line. A confidential, free service for women and men who are survivors of sexual violence. Friends, family, or other support people may also call.
Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Program Visit the Kingston General Hospital Emergency Department or Hotel Dieu Hospital and ask to speak to the SADV nurse on call if you are a victim of domestic violence or you believe you have been sexually assaulted.
Frontenac Community Mental Health Services 613-544-4229 Provides 24-hour crisis intervention, stabilization, and support to individuals and their families.
Telephone Aid Line Kingston 613-544-1771 Confidential and anonymous non-judgmental crisis, distress, befriending, and information telephone line. A safe place to call when you don't know where to turn and you need to talk.
Emergency Shelters in Kingston
Kingston Youth Shelter 613-544-3400 Emergency overnight shelter, counselling, and food for youth aged 16-24.
Kingston Interval House for Women an Children in Crisis

613-546-1777 or

Safe shelter for abused women and their children.
Ryandale Shelter 613-548-8466 Emergency overnight shelter for men and women and their families.
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