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Resources for Parents and Guardians of Students

At Queen's, our welcoming living and learning environments offer students the programs and services needed to be successful. Of course, students still look to their parents or guardians for guidance.

This page is designed to provide you, Queen's parents and guardians, with information and resources to empower your student to succeed, both academically and personally, at Queen's.

Important Dates



  • December 1: Deadline to apply for Major Admission Awards
  • December 1: Early admission offers are sent out. Applications will be assessed until mid-May.
  • December 1: First date to apply to graduate for Spring 2018
  • December 1: Upper-year Residence applications open
  • December 2-5: Fall Term pre-examination study period
  • December 6: Commemoration Day (academics cancelled)
  • December 7-21: Exam period. Please note: Students must leave residences within 24 hours of last exam.
  • December 15: APA requests due for students not paying winter tuition and SAL by January 10
  • December 26–January 2: University closed for holiday season

Sessional dates:

  • When making travel plans, be sure to check the sessional dates specific to your student's faculty/school.
  • Academic calendars provide additional information on regulations, policies, programs, courses and degree requirements; or visit your student's faculty site for more details.

Fees and deadlines:

Other important and timely updates are available in the monthly newsletters sent to students by the Registrar's Office. (See also: Information for Parents and Guardians.)

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